46th  Tennessee Vol. Inf.
  Company  K

Bugle Calls and Their Meaning
The proper use of a bugler and bugle calls in reenacting has finally begun to take hold.  It is one impression that, until recently, has been neglected. Either for lack of interest, lack of knowledge of how to employ a bugler or the lack of buglers, all is changing now and the bugler and the bugle calls are being used more and more, as they should.  The use of bugle calls are well documented in numerous accounts of the War for Southern Independence.  Commanders are realizing how that single call can move troops and skirmshers, how that call can carry over distances and how at the end of the battle a voice is saved.

The pupose here is to have the most common bugle calls available for review where you can not only hear the call, but also learn how and when it is used.

** Notes were taken from "Infantry Bugle Calls of the American Civil War" - commentary by George Rabbai and "American Civil War by the Bugle Series II, Infantry bugle calls for non buglers" - published by ACW Buglers with articles by Dom Del Bello, Robert Braun, R. J. Samp, et. al.
General Calls on the Bugle
Assembly of the Buglers
To The Colors
Orders for Orderly Sergeants
Officer's Call
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In Retreat
"55. Every officer will make himself perfectly acquainted with the bugle signals, and should, by practice, be enabled, if necessary, to sound them. This knowledge, so necessary in general instruction, becomes of vital importance on actual service in the field"  --Hardee's Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics, Vol. I, Instructions of the Battalion, Para. 55
Calls on the Bugle for Skirmishers
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