46th  Tennessee Vol. Inf.
  Company  K

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Sons of Confederate Veterans
Gen. Robert Hatton Camp #723   SCV
The Authentic Campaigner
The Drill Network
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System
Tennessee Division - SCV
United Daughters of the Confederacy
The Blockade Runner
Cyndi's List - War for Southern Independence
Tennessee and the Civil War
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28th Georgia Vol. Inf., Co. G,  C.S.A.
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Reenactment Reference / Sutlers
Civil War Rosters by State
Civil War Maps
Compilation of Official Records
Savage/ Goodner Camp 1513,  SCV
Gen. Joseph E. Johnston Camp 28,  SCV
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In Memory of Lt. John Waddy, 32nd TN
12th Georgia, Co. C, Davis Rifles
My Confederate Family Links
Battlefields and Brokenhearts
2nd Kentucky Reg. - The Orphan Brigade
7th Kentucky Infantry, Co. K
19th Alabama Infantry Regiment
25th North Carolina Infantry
1st Tenneessee, Company D
Civil War Interactive
Capt. E. D. Baxter Camp 2034, SCV
Baxter's Company Tenn. Light Artillery CSA