46th  Tennessee Vol. Inf.
  Company  K

Recruiting Soldiers for the Cause
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Frequently Asked Questions About Re-enacting

How do I join ?How much does it cost ?What equipment do I need ?

Where do I find equipment ?What kind of uniform do I need ?What do I have to learn?

How many events do I have to participate in ?What about camping ?
Answers to your questions !!
How do I join ?   By joining the 46th Tenn you will have chosen a Unit rich in History.

To apply for membership, a membership application must be completed and presented to the Unit Commander.
The application will be reviewed by him and company staff and approved or disapproved. In some cases dues
must be paid when application is presented.

Approved applicants may serve with the company for three events, at which time the Commander and Staff will
vote for or against full membership. If voted in as a full member, dues must be paid if not paid previously and any further information needed will be provided.

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How much does it cost ?      Dues are currently $10.00 per year (yankee money), this amount could change
from time to time. Only family sponsors are required to pay dues. Children are exempt until they turn eighteen
years of age.

Rate for dues is set by the unit Commander and membership vote, and are payable in March of each year.
To remain a member in good standing dues must be paid as required.

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What equipment do I need ?Equipment needed is the same as carried by the common soldier
in the field. We utilize period correct, three band percussion lock blackpowder reproduction rifles. Either the 1853 Enfield or 1861 Springfield Rifles are correct. We, on occasion, are able to loan a musket so this Major
purchase may not be needed to be made immediately.
A Bayonet with proper period metal tipped leather scabbard is required, as well as a period leather cartridge box
with tins and sling. A proper cap box and belt are also required.
Canteens are a MUST- any style proper for the period.
Blankets are an item most re-enactors use and is much needed in cool  weather.  A "Gum Blanket" or poncho
(period correct)is recommended for rainy weather.
Knapsacks, tents, coffee pots, lanterns, cups, plates, etc...are useful items and are recommended - if not sure
about period correctness, ask one ofthe Staff.

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Where do I find equipment ?There are "Sutlers" present at most Re-enactments that sell equipment and goods. Please ask a Staff member about gear before purchasing -This may prevent mistakes. 
We do recommend "Blockade Runner" in Bell Buckle, TN south of Murfreesboro
(www.blockaderunner.com), but any quality supplier will do.

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What kind of uniform do I need ?Company K, 46th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment portrays an Army of Tennessee unit of the Confederate States of America.  We also, on occasion, portray an Army of the Ohio Tennessee Unit, The 2nd Tennessee U.S.

For Confederate Impression:   Jean wool or wool shelljacket - Columbus Depot style, or sack coat. If trimmed,
trim should be dark blue. Trousers should be appropriate for the period, preferably military style but civilian is acceptable and constructed of either wool or jean wool. Trousers may be sky blue, gray or 'butternut'. (mismatchedCoat and trousers were common for Army of Tenn). Shoes should be brogan style, black or brown,
rough or smooth and should be period correct.  Shirts should be period correct. Vests proper for the period areacceptable as well.  Hats may be of any period correct style, black or brown was most common. Caps may be
of any period style-military or civilian,such as bummer, kepi, wheel mexican war style straw or mechanic.

For Union impression: Most above equipment and clothing will work,except civilian pants and you will need to
buy a federal blue sack coat, US belt plate, and a black felt hat with the right side pinned up with a
Jeff Davis Eagle pin are required. The Eagle pin is provided by unit.

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What do I have to learn ?Learning is an ongoing process. First and foremost of course, are Safety
and safe handling of the weaponry.  Drill and movements are based on Hardee's Light Infantry Tactics and are
taught twice a year at training camps and at re-enactments.  If you have any questions about training, do not
hesitate to approach any of the staff with your questions.

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How many events do I have to participate in ?Of course we would love to see you attend all the re-enactments, dedications and living history events that we attend, but we do realize that you do have a life,
therefore for a member to remain in good standing, he/she must attend at least three (3) events each year.
This can include training camp.

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What about camping ?The 46th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K will camp together
as a unit. A garrison type camp area will be set up, using proper sized company streets and a main street.

Dog tents and A-frames may be used, or no tent if you wish to Campaign style. Wall tents must have approval
of unit Commander.  If wives and children prefer not to camp with the unit, most events have motels nearby.
However, they may miss out on the fun!

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