46th  Tennessee Vol. Inf., Co. K

Company Rules and Regs.


1.  Safety Rules must be followed at all times.

a. Fire pits must be used and be of proper size and depth.

b. Tents must be proper distance from fires.

c. When not needed for heat, fires will be kept low for cooking.

2.  Musket will be cleaned, oiled and kept in good working order.

a. All proper safety precautions must be observed when handling firearms.

b. To carry a musket into battle with the company, a soldier MUST be at least sixteen (16) years
of age.  Musicians MUST be at least twelve (12) years of age.

3.  Any time the company is formed, each soldier must have a full canteen or access to one.

4.  Any time the call for MEDIC is given, this means there is a real emergency. This will stop any event
until the emergency is taken care of.


1.  Alcohol is permitted where it is legal, but in moderation please.  If you are caught where it is
illegal, you are on your own.

2.  No one under legal age will be given or allowed to have, use or buy alcohol while at an event
with the company.

Family Members

Family members are welcome in camp as are small children and girl friends. To camp with us, they
must be in period dress.  Day visitors may be authorized by the unit commander.  Young
children in camp must be supervised at all times.


Pets and small animals, dead or alive, are NOT authorized in our camp.
Membership Policy
Event Requirements
Drill & Battle Lines
Additional  Company  Regulations
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