The 46th Tennessee was formed in 1996 in Franklin, Ky. with a start of about 12 members.  Over the next couple of years the unit participated in several events. The 46th Tennessee was chosen as the unit to portray, instead of a local unit, because one of the members at the time had an ancestor with the 46th. With David Belcher as Captain and his love of history and his own Confederate ancestors it was a good fit.

In 1999 the company split with some of the members who chose to take a more "campaign" type impression. Only 3 of the original members remained. Captain Belcher, seeing the need for family oriented groups, decided to keep with that line of thinking. He believed that some men who were interested in reenacting would not be able to make as many events with out their families. This would also help bring and educate younger people into the hobby. With a core group of people this line of thinking took off.

Over the past 10 years, David's group has expanded to over 70 members and an attached Artillery unit. The Infantry side has 35 total rifles and the Artillery side has expanded to 3 guns and a period traveling forge.

Captain David Belcher retired from the United States Air Force. It was from humble beginnings this company was formed. Thanks to David's devotion, vision, dedication and leadership, the company is highly
regarded within the reenacting community today.

David has a large second reenacting family who miss him greatly.

We, the 46th and Baxter's, miss you.
In Memory of Captain David Belcher
46th Tennessee, Company K